Sunflower pattern walnut drinks coasters, phyllotaxis spiral


  • A lovely gift for Fibonacci fans, sunflower lovers and architects
  • Laser cut, geometric works of art and utility
  • Featuring a phyllotaxis spiral / Fibonacci sequence pattern
  • Quirky and unusual gift
  • Personalised stand also available
  • Laser cut and hand assembled box
  • Treated to resist stains and spills
  • Made from genuine American Black Walnut veneered board, very stylish gift


A lovely set of 4 or 6 boxed coasters in 6mm thick American Black Walnut veneered board.

These laser cut, maths and nature inspired works of art and utility, feature a sunflower head pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence. Made from American Black Walnut veneered board, they are an excellent present.

The stylish and cool pattern features a design inspired by nature, which can also be modelled in mathematics. The pattern was generated on computer and hand edited to produce the best variation of the pattern.

The Phyllotaxis Spiral pattern can be seen in nature on plants including artichokes, cacti and sunflowers. It is a visual feast for your eyes, combining high tech wizardry and traditional materials, to create an object almost too good to rest your drink on!

Each coaster and placemat is laser cut from 6mm American Black Walnut board before being hand finished. After the design has been laser cut from the wood, each one is hand sanded and then given a coating of an oil and wax mix – for maximum protection and to accentuate its finish. They are protected with a water based and non toxic finish, safe even for the most sensitive skin. The finish extends the life of your coasters, and thus of your table itself.

Ideal for either the home or the office, they blend in to the theme of most rooms. When not used as coasters, and with the optional coaster holder, they also make a great contemporary art display for the coffee table, mantle piece or wall shelf.

Guaranteed to appeal to geometry lovers, plant lovers, horticulturalists, mathematicians, scientists, designers, or indeed anyone with an interest in naturally occurring patterns and the mathematical modelling of them.

Coming complete with a sturdy laser cut and hand assembled navy blue pinstripe card box, these coasters are a perfect gift for style lovers, or even a present for yourself! The minimalist packaging hints at what’s inside.

Protect your precious table from unwanted spills. Or keep them on display to show what excellent taste you have!

A personalised or plain coaster stand is available as an option.

– 6mm thick genuine walnut double faced veneered board
– Hand sanded
– Smell nice and woody
– Sealed with two coats of an eco friendly, water based oil and wax blend
– Boxed in a quality navy blue presentation box, ready to give as a gift
– Don’t dishwash but do wipe clean if required

For more information on Phyllotaxis, this is a good reference:

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Quantity – 4, Quantity – 6




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