• Walnut honeycomb drinks coasters – laser cut, geometric, gift boxed


    A lovely set of 4 or 6 boxed coasters in 6mm thick American Black Walnut veneered board.

    The design features a simple yet pleasing hexagonal “honeycomb” pattern. Popular with beekeepers and scientists.

    Each coaster is laser cut, hand sanded and oiled for protection.

    The black card box is laser cut and hand made from the highest quality “ribbed” 400gsm card.

    Protect your precious table from unwanted spills. Or just have them hanging around to show what excellent taste you have!

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  • Walnut Plumber’s Nightmare drinks coasters, geometric design, quirky gift

    • A quirky gift for style lovers
    • Laser cut, geometric works of art and utility
    • Featuring a Plumbing / Pipes style design
    • Some say it looks Chinese in style
    • Laser cut and hand assembled box
    • Treated to resist stains and spills
    • Made from genuine American Black Walnut veneered board, these are a stylish gift
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