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Christmas Giveaway with Liv for Interiors

Grand Prize

8 walnut coasters, your choice, mix and match, worth £50

8 walnut placemats, your choice, mix and match, worth £100

1 large centre piece in the design of your choice, custom made to fit your table, worth £60

Choose from these designs

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Coasters & Placemats


(and growing)

About Denvers Designs

I’m a Designer/Maker

Based in Derbyshire

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man (and his machines)

Interior Accents

Contemporary designs

Unique coasters

Moroccan pattern coasters and placemats

The King of Bhutan may own a set of these.  Just sayin’ 🙂

Moroccan pattern walnut drinks coasters, geometric
Contemporary clock - Mandala clock - Geometric design

Contemporary Clocks

Dodecagon / Mandala

Geometric perfection at 40cm diameter, walnut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Many people like to mix up their coasters and placemats.

Yes!  I’ll send them out Special Delivery in plenty of time.

It’s entirely up to you.  I had a chat with Abi at Liv for Interiors and we decided not to make it a set size.  Some people have small tables, some have bigger tables.  I’ll custom make it in the design of your choice and the size of your choice (up to 45cm diameter).

Hot drinks, yes.  Hot pans, maybe not, or at least put something underneath the pan first.  It’s real wood veneer and it’ll scorch if you get it too hot.

As an experiment, I boiled some water in a saucepan and put it on a placemat.  There wasn’t a mark.

They mostly come to me in my sleep!

Questions? Drop me an email below.

Good luck!