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Grasshopper Intermediate course with McNeel

“https://www.denvers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/gh102_od2.jpg” alt=”Generative design with Grasshopper”

Recently I was a student on an excellent 4 day online class “Grasshopper Intermediate” with Andres Gonzalez, who works for McNeel Associates in Miami.  I was actually supposed to be on an “Advanced Grasshopper” course in London but my booking was mislaid, so I took the opportunity to do this instead.  Students were from all over the world, which of course didn’t matter as we were all attending via the Internet, though a 9pm finish isn’t ideal (but better than a 9am start…).

It’s fantastic when someone breaks down what looks impossible into a series of steps.  Andres is a great teacher and I’ve always appreciated people who can teach (not everyone can teach in my opinion – including myself!).  I’ve been on courses where the tutor knows their stuff but can’t convey it very well – it’s just as frustrating for the students as it is for the obviously unhappy tutor, who can’t understand why ze students are not understanding what is so simple!!

We designed an interlocking component laser cut chair, a parametric Gherkin style building, and fiddled around with attractors.  All pretty advanced stuff.

So thanks Andres, I’ve already put some of the techniques I learned into practice in new designs.  There is no “Grasshopper Advanced” course as yet, although apparently Andres is working on it.  I will definitely sign up for that as soon as it’s available.


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