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Denvers Designs at Bristol Artisan 25th-26th March 2017

If you head out of Glossop towards Manchester you soon hit Dinting Viaduct – it is said by some residents of Glossop that there should be no reason to venture beyond this bridge as the town has everything anyone would ever need.  Indeed avoid it at all costs as there be dragons and beasties beyond.  And Broadbottom.  So I will be bravely escaping for a couple of days at the end of March to present some of my latest work at the Arnolfini for the Bristol Artisan event.

By all accounts this is a lovely looking place, and the calibre of my fellow exhibitors looks extremely high, so I’m hoping this event will be a great success.

There is a London Artisan weekend shortly beforehand, and I’d love to do that too, but as a D/M working entirely on my own it’s hard to justify the time just before British Craft Trade Fair in early April.  In fact I’d love to do all the shows going, but really there is a limit to what I can do!  As much as I love London and all it has going for it, it can also be tricky if anything involves bringing things and parking up and setting up and staying overnight.  I lived in Bath for a few months in 1999 working on the LAND project, and really loved the place, almost enough to move there permanently.  So I chose Bristol over London as it’s somewhere I’ve never actually been and feel a bit of a (tenuous!) bond with.  I’ll be taking a day or two off to see the sights after the show – looking forward to it!



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