BCTF 2017

BCTF 2015

Totally under-prepared for BCTF as usual.  Every year there seems to be more and more prep to do.  Shouldn’t it get easier with practice?!  This will be my third year in attendance, exhibiting with Charlotte Verity and Katy Wimbush.  We’re all members of Manchester Jewellers Network and sharing a 4 metre stand on the left as you go in.

I have a lot of new ideas and products I’d like to share with potential new stockists.  I think it may well involve me doing some 12-15 hour days in the next month or so if I want to actually cram it all in though.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending which hat I’m wearing at the time, I’ve got a lot of laser cutting work coming through at mekkit.com, my main job, where I run a 3D printing and laser cutting service (that’s handy!)

Hopefully see you there with plenty to show you…


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