British Craft Trade Fair 2014

It’s here again, British Craft Trade Fair 2014!  Why does it take so long to prepare everything, it’s only 3 days and you only have to have your products on display, surely it can’t be that difficult and time consuming??!  Well I’m much more prepared than last year and quite looking forward to it this time.  Last year was my first time and I wasn’t really ready, or aware of what I was actually taking on.

This year I’m sharing with 3 other jewellers again, Charlotte Verity, Katy Wimbush and Elaine Jenkins.  We’re all members of Manchester Jewellers Network (MJN).

I’ll be exhibiting some lovely new coasters featuring generative designs – Islamic art and sine wave inspired.

I’ll also be showing a new range of jewellery – “Geometric”.  I made the range for the latest MJN exhibition, due to open in mid May 2014 in the Royal Exchange Manchester. It features layered laser cut patterns which create inerference patterns

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