BCTF 2014 Winner!


So yes it was well worth it in the end.  All the preparation, long hours, great long lists of things left to do that (mostly) got done.  I had a stonkingly good show by all accounts.  Remember that word from the 80s?!

I tried to get some sleep before the actual show began but it didn’t really pan out that way.  I was so tired the day before that after setting everything up, I just went back to the rented flat to write my price list – well at least I didn’t forget to do it – but I fell asleep in the middle of it.  I thought I’d be better making a fresh start at 6.30am on the morning of the show, which is what I did.  It’s not my best price list ever but it did the trick.

The three days were quite busy at times, with lulls when everyone disappeared.  Trade shows are a funny thing.  A few mumblings about “it’s never been this quiet” were heard, but apparently people say that every year.  I’ve no idea, it seemed about the same as last year to me.

Last year, 2013, was my first year – I had no idea what to expect, full of cold and flu, totally unprepared.  Didn’t do too bad considering.  I didn’t win an award though, I remember that.  Boo.  I actually remember telling people I will win an award next year, just you wait and see!  And yes indeed, I did win an award.  Not sure if it’s the power of positive thinking or just all the extra effort I put in to packaging, getting the pricing right, tweaking the products, and generally all the dozens of things you need to do to get a successful product launched.  But it did the trick.

Highly Commended Award for Excellence in Design.  Thank you very much 🙂  You’ll find pics of other winners with their awards below.  Probably looking less tired and emotional (but mostly tired) than me.  Should have had a shave too, never mind.


Till next year!


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