Denvers Designs Geek Chic

What do you buy someone who has, shall we say, unique tastes?  They have money, taste, and plenty of great items in their house already.  Secretly you’re maybe a little envious of how cool they actually are – although maybe not the stranger things they collect!  Let’s face it, geeks are cool.  We’re everywhere now.

But you’re now stuck because you have to buy them something.  Be it engagement or wedding present, something for a new home, new job, birthday, whatever.  They’re impossible to fathom and it’s so frustrating.

Hopefully my carefully curated list of the best gifts for geeks will give you a few more options.  I should know as I’m comfortable with my inner nerd, so I have some insight into what most will appreciate.  Plus, I’ve known plenty of geeks, and I’ve met plenty more randomers at shows I’ve exhibited my work at.  I know what they love and what they naturally gravitate to – same stuff I love – and that’s anything that involves science, maths, physics, biology, design, geometry, art, craft, handmade items and laser cut wood.  Phew, that should tick all the boxes!  They will not be disappointed, on the contrary, they’ll be thrilled that you found them a gift which is unusual and quirky.

So now you don’t have to fork out for one of the ~200 original wooden case Apple I computers, hand made by Woz.  Or even an Altair (I may have one).  Or signed back issues of Byte Magazine with Steve Jobs or Woz on the cover (I may have one or two of those also*).  Or rarer still, back issues of Computer Notes (I do have a full set).

Personalised stands are available for the coasters, making them a truly original and unique gift.



* just kidding about the signed bit