My Story

I am a designer/maker based in Glossop, in the Peak District, Derbyshire. My work is inspired by natural forms and geometric patterns. I use clean lines and simple form to create an aesthetic that is both minimalistic but also complex in its detail.

How I got started

I worked in IT in London for many years, having received a degree in Artificial Intelligence. I came from a creative family and yearned to do something different for many years.

Having taken many different classes including jewellery making, shoe making, box making to name just a few, I bought my first laser cutter in 2010. From there it was a journey of discovery, both in design and materials, but also of myself – what I realised about myself including my weaknesses as well as strengths.


Hi, just wanted to say thank you for our clock. It looks amazing, you’re very talented and we love it, nothing else like it around.
Thanks very much,


Originally, my designs were heavily influenced by my science/maths/AI background – bringing together a curious synthesis of organic and geometric patterns.

Over the last 10 years, my approach to design has been influenced by my experience of living and working in the hilly landscapes of the Peak District. This environment has provided me with a sense of space, clarity and scale which has created a strong foundation for my creative process. It’s also great for exploring new places and getting some exercise!

More to come

I focus on conceptual integrity, material exploration, and figuring out new ways to use my high tech tools.

I try to make functional objects which double up as contemporary decoration. The clocks, especially, I hope make good conversation pieces.


Since my first art market at Harley Gallery Christmas Market in 2014, I have done many more. My last one was at the Hepworth Wakefield Christmas Market in 2019.

I had intended to take 2020 off from all markets, as 2019 was quite a gruelling year – great for sales but not so much for my health! As it turned out, Covid cancelled most markets in 2020 and much of 2021.

I’m still in Buxton at Pavilion Gardens, and in Manchester in Studio One at the Craft and Design Centre on Oak Street, Northern Quarter.